The Garden Journal is Finished!

February 26, 2018nessiecraft

I spent some quality time this weekend and finally finished the Garden Journal! It was meant to be vintage/18th century style, and I think it did a pretty good job of that. I’m super pleased with how it all turned out, even if it is a little chunkier than I intended. I actually had to pull some of the paper I’d prepped out, because it was just too full.

About halfway through, I was questioning the sanity of deciding to use inks on the edge of every page, but when I finished and got it all together, I think it was worth the time spent. It gives it that slightly grungy look that a book taken out by a gardener, flipping through it with dirt-stained hands, might have.

I also tried something new and added a tassel to the spine made of leftover bits that matched the book. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to like it, or that it would even make it on the book, but in the end I really love the texture and look, and I think it makes a great addition on the outside.

If you’re interested, here’s the flip through video:


I only have a week until the first of the two craft shows I’ve challenged myself to try. One in the Spring (this coming weekend) and then I’m going to do another in the fall. I haven’t chosen that one yet, though I have some ideas. I was hoping to get another couple of journals made, but it appears that I will mostly be there with my cards and other paper crafts, and only a few journals. Which is fine. I’d rather take my time and make quality products than rush through.

I’ve got some things collected to start a boho journal, a kitchen/recipe journal, and a general vintage journal. Which would you like to see next?

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