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May 4, 2018nessiecraft
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Today I’m interviewing Linda Israel, a mixed media artist. Thank you so much, Linda, for being here!

You are a mixed media artist – that means different things to different people. What is your favorite medium to work with, or your favorite type of item to make?

There are so many medias I like to use, I also consider myself a multimedia artist. Some of my favorite mediums, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, acrylic paint, fabric, old book pages, Calico Collage digital images, stamping and many more. Currently I’m using a lot of fabric with paper in junk journals. Love that I can use any medium or technique I want inside Junk Journals as there are no rules.

You were featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever,” which is pretty awesome! What was that like?

This was a wonderful experience! I was so blessed to be a part of the 30 Oklahoma Artists that were selected. Learned so much about production for TV and that inspired me to start making tutorial videos for YouTube. Learned how to explain things and show good examples so others can follow along. The process took about 8 hours for two segments for the 30 minute show! I wasn’t even involved with editing which I know took a long time!


On your website I saw that you make custom items. What was your favorite item to make and why?

There are so many things I love to make! One of my favorite items to make is custom junk journals. When the customer gets the journal and they send me multiple messages stating how much they love it, that they are showing it to everyone and then they show how they are using it makes me so happy. I love the process of getting to know the customer asking questions about what they like, colors, images etc. Sometimes it can be a challenge but with good communication I’m able to get it made to make them very happy. This Bird Dragonfly Planner Junk Journal made me so happy to make for my friend Carrie:

Bird Dragonfly Planner Junk Journal Image 1


What was your most challenging piece? Why?

The most challenging piece was the Aspire Dream Custom Junk Journal: The customer had so many wonderful things that they loved including dragonflies, hedgehogs, nature, eagles, earth tones – brick and burgundy reds, olive and moss green, and golden yellows. I used a digital journal kit from Calico Collage – Dragonfly Delight that has more teals and pinks, but by adding distress inks to the printed images and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists here and there I was able to alter the colors to match her request. This journal was so popular that I made three kits for others to use in their journals and sold out within hours of posting the listing. 

What technique do you think is your strongest? Can you tell us a little about it?

I have two that I feel are my strongest. First is sewing anything – paper and fabric. I love layering paper on top of fabric and vise versa. The two mediums attached together with sewing just speaks to my soul. Second is Rubber Stamping. I love using rubber stamps. Making greeting cards, journal cards, backgrounds and more. I have done more sewing and rubber stamping in my life than anything else since I started sewing very young, around 8 or so and I’ve been stamping for almost 30 years!

What is it that inspires you as an artist?

I love observing life. When I’m outside my home I look at everything. The colors of a flower will inspire me to use those with acrylic paint and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. Fabric will call to me to turn it into a journal cover, a cosmetic bag or even a mug rug. I’ll look at things and think, how can I use that idea to make something in art? Many times my inspiration comes from a request. Someone will make a request and then I set to putting that request into a work that they will enjoy. It’s a problem and I work to solve it with art.

Why do you make art?

It’s the creative process. The texture of different mediums, paints, fabric, paper and so much more that just feel good in my hands. Many times when I finish a piece I’m done and can move on to another project. Sometimes a technique is just so fun to do so I’ll sit and play then figure out how I can use what I made. lol I have a little bit of ADD when it comes to arts and crafts. I like to hop around different projects so I don’t get bored. It keeps my mind and hands active.

I see that you are on several different design teams. Why did you decide to do this? What do you enjoy most about it?

It was a way to challenge myself. The first design team was This is a stamp company and there are many types of stamps that they produce. Getting a box of stamps and being asked, create with these can be a challenge especially if it isn’t a style or theme that I don’t use very much or I may not even like. So it’s a problem to solve. For example I was sent a super cute Taco stamp and phrase – I love you more than Tacos. I started looking through my stash of papers and fabric and decided that I would make a journal page. It could be a page that someone could use to show how much they loved someone. This wasn’t a stamp I would buy, but I thought I did a great job of showing an idea of how to use the stamp in a project.

One of my most viewed design team projects for Calico Collage:

One of my most viewed design team projects for Brutus Monroe:

One of my most viewed design team projects for Canvas Corp Brands:

Being on a Design Team is also a great way to get products for free. The box comes and it is like Christmas. Once everything is out of the box then it is down to business of seeing what I can make with the items. I love the challenge.

What goals do you have for your artwork in the future?

Two fold goal – 1. That I inspire others to be creative. 2. That I have a purchasable product and can make a living inspiring others.

What advice do you have for other artists out there?

Never give up creating. There will always be people who don’t like what you are doing. If you are loving what you are doing keep creating. When you keep creating, you become even more creative and your art improves. But never think that you have to create what others will love, create what you love. This is different than creating a product to sell. When you create what you love then you will get a feel for what sells. I create cord covers (These are pieces of fabric that cover an electrical cord – like for lamps). These are not my favorite thing to create, but these help pay the bills. So you may have to create a few items that are not your favorite, but never give up what you love!

Rapid Fire Round

  • Unicorns or Dragons? Unicorns
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  • Beach or Mountains? Beach
  • Tea or Coffee? Tea
  • Go to “Arting” Snack? Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl
  • Favorite Song at the Moment? Anything upbeat – Love so many styles – Rock, Pop, Country.
  • Favorite Artist/Piece of art? Stephen Hackley Stairway to Heaven
  • Favorite Color? Teal
  • African or European Swallow? (Bonus points if you get the reference.) So I wasn’t sure what this was about, did a google search and I never watched Monty Python. LOL That was a funny segment so I would say African Swallow – it is strong! lol


The Artwork

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About Linda

Linda Israel March 2017Multimedia mixed media artist living in Yukon Oklahoma with her Husband Henry and their two dogs. She is a public speaker having been a member of Toastmasters for over 25 years. Featured on HGTV “That’s Clever”. National instructor teaching junk journal workshops. Over 40 years sewing experience and 30 years of rubber stamping experience. She loves to inspire others to be creative as she tells everyone “I think everyone is creative, look at how you fix your favorite beverage or cook a meal, how you dress, how you organize your work or home. There are so many ways to show your creativity. Keep being creative!”



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