Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Getting Inspiration in the Great Smoky Mountains

April 9, 2018nessiecraft

Inspiration strikes in all kinds of places and all kinds of ways. For me, a Spring Break trip (I’m a high school librarian by day) to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains really helped spark my creativity.

We drove a little more than halfway the first day and stayed at the Tailor’s Inn in Abingdon, Virginia. The innkeeper, Rick, was lovely. The house was fantastic. We booked two rooms, which meant we had the whole house to ourselves! The house was built in the 1800’s, and decorated with all kinds of antiques, most related to a tailor’s job. Rick and his wife have an excellent sense of humor – there were touches of it everywhere. Like a tiny fake mouse next to a mousetrap (I think) and a skeleton dressed as a pirate in the closet under the stairs. (Skeleton in the closet – get it? I found that far more entertaining than I should have.) We got the upstairs room because our travel companions decided that the portrait in there was too creepy. Being that I’m the YA horror writer (one of my other hats) I didn’t think it was creepy at all. She just looked… mildly disapproving.

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We spent four days in a cabin (I use that term loosely – more like a cabin-themed vacation home) that was a great price because it isn’t quite season yet, and we were splitting it with my best friend and her fiance. It had a beautiful view, and really narrow, steep, twisty road that was fine because the weather was good, but would have given me palpitations if we’d gone and there was ice.


Smoky Mountain Sunrise
The view of sunrise from the rental porch.

We spent time in the touristy stuff – because why not – and my husband and I did a couple hikes, dragging the friends along on one of them. We did Dollywood for a day, we hiked to a waterfall (which was beautiful) and then did some scrambling down the rocks in front of it off the path to see more of it. We ate delicious food, and we had an excellent time.

And now that I’m home, I’m itching to get back to creating again. This is a great thing, because with the stress of work before break, and the million other things going on, my urge to get down and make some art had been pushed aside. Now I’m able to work on it, and the drive is there, so that even if its only a few minutes a night, I can get something done. I mean, with scenery like this, how could I not get inspired?!

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Right now, I’m working on a bohemian themed journal, but I will also be making one with a Smoky Mountains theme. There is so much potential for things I could do! I’ll make both, and I’m collecting bits and pieces for the mountain journal as I work on the other. What things would you include? Have you ever been to the Smoky Mountains? What did you enjoy there?

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