6 Ways to Find Time for Art (When You Don’t Have Any)

April 24, 2018nessiecraft
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Being creative is important – and its also a hobby that takes time. I don’t know about you guys, but time is something that is often in short supply at my house. Between my full time job as a high school librarian, maintaining the house and garden, and basic things like sleeping and eating, there aren’t many hours left. And sometimes you come home and you are just TIRED.

I realized somewhere last year that if I didn’t MAKE time to create, it would never happen. The thought wasn’t a pleasant one. Right then I decided that I wasn’t going to accept that. Crafting is a stress relief for me, and an outlet. If I couldn’t do art, I would be a grumpy woman.

That’s where I began to really look at my time. And I realized that there are times where I could decide to make art. It didn’t have to be three hours on a Saturday afternoon. Even a little time can get something accomplished. And this isn’t a solution that will work for everyone. But these are just some ideas of ways to get a little more creativity in your life. Take the ones that work for you, and ignore the rest. Perhaps you will even come up with better ways!

Skip Mindless Evening Television

I know for some people this is a terrible idea! By all means, watch your favorite show! But if you have an evening where you find yourself flipping channels and not interested in anything, turn off the TV and get out the art supplies. When we moved, we decided not to get cable at our new house. We still have a digital reciever, Prime, and Hulu, but you know what – we found that we didn’t really miss the TV. We aren’t super fans of any shows we couldn’t live without, and with fewer options, we usually end up doing other things. One of those has been more art, and it has been WONDERFUL.

A bonus I’ve found as well – if I stop and just sketch a little before bed, with no devices, I have a tendency to sleep better. Don’t know if it will work for everyone, but taking that time to unwind really does seem to make a difference for me!


Take a Sketchbook on Your Lunch Break

As a librarian (who doesn’t have an assistant) I don’t really get much of a break. Usually I eat sitting at the circulation desk, hoping I can finish before anyone comes in. But on the occaisions when I do have ten minutes to myself to sit and eat, I love to get out my sketchbook and doodle a little. Nothing fancy. Sometimes its just little thumbnails for a bigger piece. Sometimes its working on a mandala drawing or doodle page. Doesn’t matter. The act of creating really helps to calm me down, especially on a stressful day. (Which, if you’ve ever worked in a school, is most days.)


Set Your Alarm a Little Earlier

Okay. This one is a suggestion I know others use, but one that I myself don’t subscribe to. I am NOT a morning person. For real. So me setting my alarm for 4:30 to get an extra 30 minutes of arting in just isn’t going to happen. (And even if I did, any art would be crap.) BUT – for those of you who enjoy rising early, this may be a legitimate option. I know others who get up an extra 30 min to an hour earlier and it helps set them up for the day and get lots of art made. To those of you who try this, many, MANY kudos.


Pencil It In

Maybe you have lots of plans for the weekend. Maybe you don’t. (Yet) Either way, put it on your schedule! Write in a block of time on your planner, or make a note in your calendar app. I’d recommend an hour. Then stick to it. Treat it like an actual appointment. You could even set a timer on your phone and when the time is up, then you decide to continue or go do other things.


Bring a Friend

Invite another artistic friend over and make a monthly (weekly, whatever) craft day! We are actually talking about doing this with a group of us at work as a stress relief thing. Its a great way to have fun and make things with other like minded people – and maybe learn something new from them too!


Make It A Priority

This is easier said than done, I know. But honestly, if you don’t put some importance into taking time to be creative each day, you’ll never actually do it. Decide that it is something important to you. Commit to sitting down and really looking at ways to work it into your schedule. That is half the battle!


What ways have you found to squeeze some art out of your day?


6 ways to find time for art


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