Craft Display Set up

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March 5, 2018nessiecraft

Craft Display Set up

This weekend was my first craft show as Nessie Craft. I’d tried once before a while ago with a different type of craft and it was really, really not good. This time, I was really pleasantly surprised! It was a local school PTA craft show, and I must say the Western Branch Middle School PTA in Chesapeake, VA is extremely well organized! As someone who has run a craft show before, I know how much goes into that and they were awesome! I didn’t make money – I barely broke even – but I had a lot of people who stopped to look and showed interest. So I’m planning to do 1-2 more shows this fall and see how it goes. I’m really encouraged by how things went, and I have some good ideas on how to improve my display, and what things I need to make more (and less) of.

In addition, my junk journals got a lot of comments and views, but no one wanted to take one of the babies home. So if you’re interested, both the Ocean/Mermaid journal and the Vintage Garden Journal are posted in my Etsy shop. Stop by and take a look!

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Another thing I recently discovered is the world of digital stamps. I was scanning in a couple of images I’d drawn because I didn’t want to draw them over and over on cards, and when I went online later, saw a post from another blogger. I’d been making digital stamps and didn’t even realize it. I think the thing I love most about digital stamps is that they are easy to store, you can resize them, and they are easy to find in a pinch because you don’t have to go to the store.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not going to abandon my physical stamps – I love them far too much for that. But it is nice to be able to find something at a moment’s notice.

I’ve made a few drawings that I’ve uploaded and used, and I decided that I’m going to work on creating my own line of digital stamps. I’m taking my time, trying to make sure they are clean, clear, quality images. Hopefully I’ll launch them sometime this summer. But to sort of get the ball rolling, I’m giving away a cute poo emoji digital stamp to all my mailing list subscribers.

In addition, each month I’ll be sending out a free printable or digital stamp to my mailing list subscribers, so make sure you sign up!

Do you like digital stamps? Is there something you want to see in a digital stamp? I’d love to know!

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