Vanessa from Nessie CraftNessie Craft is all about creating! Whether its junk journals, cards, mixed media art, or other papercrafts, Nessie Craft should have something to intrigue you. From tips and tricks, tutorials to featured artist interviews and ways to help boost your creativity, this blog was designed to help support your art and help you find something useful!

This blog is meant to be a safe haven for crafters and artists to be able to browse and find something beautiful to look at, a new technique, or a new artist to follow. I didn’t want to narrow my focus to only junk journals or only cards. Most artists I know dabble in many things, and this is no different! I’ve been a teacher for over 10 years, so teaching others how to do something comes naturally. Only instead of physics and engineering, here I’m teaching art!

I have always done art. I have a degree in graphic design, I taught graphics, and generally love art. Its my therapy and my happy place. I also love to write! I’m a published author and currently a high school librarian. Journals and crafting have always been my place where these two things meet. Where I can combine art and text into something I love, and help others to discover their artistic passions at the same time.

Nessie Craft came about slowly. I’d picked out the name and been thinking about whether I wanted to start this blog and online store for over a year I made things for friends, family, and coworkers. I wasn’t sure anyone would love my creations as much as my family, friends, and myself. And then my husband and I had our world shattered. After two miscarriages in less than a year, I needed something to focus on in the evenings and weekends. Art has always been my way of coping, and this time I really, really needed that creativity to help keep busy and work my way through things. Nessie Craft became my focus.

At first, it was a method of dealing with life. But I’ve rediscovered the passion I had for creating art, and sharing that with others. I have played with teaching art classes and had a few technique articles published a long, long time ago. Now I have the opportunity to take that up again, and I’m very excited for the possibilities that this blog presents. You’ll find weekly posts about different creations, techniques, and tutorials, as well as a place to show the world my art. Every Friday you can stop by and find an interview with an artist, because I think that some of the best ways to get your creativity going is to view other people’s art and see how their process works. I want to be able to help others create art and learn new techniques and tips, and empower them to make any type of art they want.

I hope you will take a look around and enjoy what you find here. There are a million places you could be browsing on the interwebs, and I’m thrilled you decided to stop and take a rest here. I also love talking with readers and other crafters and artists, so I hope that you will take a moment to say hello over social media or email. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, so you won’t miss any of the extra goodies or posts from the site!

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